8 thoughts on “Magic Missile: What’s its range?”

  1. Guys, “Ask the Wizard” isn’t answering my question. I already did that. I’m asking you “When you asked the Wizard what the range of Magic Missile is, what did She say?”

  2. I’d assume Magic missile has no greater effective reach than far, which is established in the rulebook as “shouting distance”. If the wizard doesn’t like that answer, you could ask them what they do to ‘boost the signal’, so to speak.

    What did the wizard say, when you asked her?

  3. Joe Banner My wizard’s range is “If you can see it, you can zap it”. And I’m having problems with that. It’s actually constraining, in that any monster  that turns up has to somehow appear close enough to avoid being fireballed into oblivion. Three fireballing spell casters and a campaign based at the solitary mountain overlooking the Northern Plains probably adds to my jaundiced view. So my advice would be that “far” range as a limit would be sensible, but the rules don’t say that.

  4. I had that question in my head too. Of course, my player chose all the ranges, from hand to far, saying “if the missile is starting from my hands, then I can hit enemies surrounding me, and I can hit enemies like a longbow can do”.

    I think he can, ’cause magic has various other limitations that balance that flexibility for the range.

    Finally, please note that I allowed him to divide his missiles, for hitting two ghosts that was charging him. So, he did 1d4 damage to each. Unfortunately, they had 5HPs so he had a crazy moment…

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