6 thoughts on “Photographs album from the launch of Vanor, the Hebrew edition of DW”

  1. It uses almost all the original content. We cut some monsters that didn’t fit the setting, and some others because of space issues.

    The Advance Delving chapter wasn’t translated (again, space) but will be in the future and will add to the website (with the other material we cut).

    Racial moves were added to all classes since Vanor has 7 playable races.

    We included some Fronts in the setting material that followed from the background of the setting; the idea was to give people as much conflict within the setting to work with. We didn’t want it to be a “text book”. Every piece of setting material had to have meaning and use in-game.

    And at the same time, we left comments on how you don’t need to use the setting and can just follow the standard World chapter and build your own, during play.

    We actually did a crowdfunding campaign for the book using an Israeli site, getting around 2500$ which was 61% more than we asked for – so there are two stretch goals people successfully funded which we will release in the following months.

    The first is an adventure (and it’s in the final editing stages) and the second is a NPCs compendium. The 3rd stretch goal, which failed, was for an extra class in the game.

    I can probably keep talking on this forever 🙂

  2. There was a convention on August 8 called Draconicon, which is organized by the same guy that did the book’s printing. So we held the launch there. Other than me hanging around signing books, we ran 5 games during the con.

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