14 thoughts on “Boom! Arrived today. Chuffed to bits.”

  1. It’s a Dungeon World supplement written by Jonathan Walton. It was part of the Kickstarter rewards (initially as a PDF, later as a chapbook). The extras that were printed are up for general sale on Jonathan’s website. 

  2. Isa Wills Definitely. Are we doing anything tomorrow? Does Eadwin Tomlinson want to run DCC or should I run DW or something else? We could take this conversation to another topic, btw, but hey – it’s still DW-related. 🙂

  3. As of right now, I’m comfortable with the 7:45/8 PM time slot on Tuesdays unless you guys want to shoot for even a tad earlier? That’s what it was for you all, right? 2:45/3 PM EDT on my end.

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