The Heart of K’z’kk’d the Soul Ripper

The Heart of K’z’kk’d the Soul Ripper

The Heart of K’z’kk’d the Soul Ripper

The Heart is a large faceted lump of onyx, cut in a conventional poetic heart-shape. It glows blackly with the spirit of K’z’kk’d the Soul Ripper. While the spirit is in your possession, gain the following moves:

Soul Rip

When you reach into a creature and rip its soul from its body, roll +CON

*On a 10+ you pull the soul from the target’s body and hold it in your grasp. It may attempt to bargain with you for its continued existence; do with it what you will. 

*On a 7-9 the creature takes D6 damage, ignoring physical armour. If this kills the creature, you hold the soul (as per 10+), otherwise the creature makes an attack against you.

Consume Soul

When you consume a held soul, it feels great; you cackle or otherwise exult with the power. Take +1 forward to your next three rolls. 


Each time you level up having consumed a spirit:

• Remove a vowel from your name.

• The following transformations occur in turn:

1. Your back legs become hairy and goat-like, your eyes have glowing red pupils,

2. You grow Bull/Cow-like horns, and to 1 ½  times your current size,  

3. You grow a second pair of arms, and to 1 ½  times your current size, 

4. You have the head of a Bull/Cow, and to 1 ½  times your current size; you have transformed into the form of K’z’kk’d.

 Each time you level up thereafter, you grow to 1 ½  times your current size, until you reach 30 feet tall.

Also, roll + WIS:

* On a 7+ your alignment doesn’t become “evil”.

K’z’kk’d the Soul Ripper 

K’z’kk’d dwells in a labyrinth-enclosed underworld tower, eating souls, enacting eldritch rituals, performing radical surgery, and excising surplus vowels. The tower’s denizens include innumerable imps, gargantuan hounds, and the various companions and playthings he has constructed and animated by those souls which have impressed, bargained or pleaded successfully to avoid their immediate consumption. 

K’z’kk’d has secured his essence into the Heart. When in his own realm, he can possess nearby creatures or animate constructed bodies – his usual form is that of a gigantic four-armed Minotaur. He returns to the Heart on the body’s destruction, whatever the distance and regardless of the Heart’s location. 

It has been known for act of warfare, betrayal, or theft to remove the Heart from its home in the underworld and it come to the realm of men. K’z’kk’d’s spirit (if returned to the Heart) will endeavour to seduce the owner with dreams of power. Give the above moves sheet to the Heart’s owner – K’z’kk’d describes and instructs the owner in the use of its/his powers, neglecting only to mention that K’z’kk’d will be able possess the transformed body (in order to return home) once the transformation is complete.

Note: The moves apply equally to “Spirits” as they do to “Souls”, should the distinction matter in your game, in which case Souls are rather more tasty.

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