My fears for tonight’s session (with five old friends) was totally brought to shame.

My fears for tonight’s session (with five old friends) was totally brought to shame.

My fears for tonight’s session (with five old friends) was totally brought to shame.

Five players, my highest total so far, playing the following classes:

– Titanius Dread, the Human Paladin

– Humble, the Human Thief

– Siegfried, the Dwarf Cleric

– Foamy of the Blue, the Human Druid

– Hector, the Human Fighter

So, we talked about the characters and the setting, ended up with a really fantastic scenario with a crime syndicate called the Black Brothers who had covertly taken over the capital city. Everyone was in their pockets, and they earned incredible amounts of money from liberating the city of a precious substance called Neodymium, which was also the name of the city; New Dymium.

The players wanted to confront these fellows, and I started out having them in cover behind a couple of turned over chairs in an inn called The Rusty Door Handle. They were there because a priestess of Alatea (god of Law and Healing) had a vision that Eric the Barkeep would have valuable information regarding to their mission (this was the Cleric Players idea).

They were taking cover as an Ogre Enforcer called Grobnok had splatted down the door and ordered his 4 henchmen to shoot down everyone in the establishment. Needless to say, everyone except the heroes had already fled.

This was a pretty awesome fight, and they actually captured one of the henchmen whom they questioned for some info, particularly about who had sent them, and how he knew about their investigation.


– Foamy, druid of the Open Sea, shaeshifted into a Giant Clam, closing itself around the Ogre Enforcer head, preventing him from seeing anything, which let the Fighter cut off his legs, killing him from shock.

– Paladin skewered the henchman on his longsword after questioning, (lawful: denying mercy to a criminal), which actually created some fekkin’ sweet drama.

– Cleric defended Paladin in a fight, running by his side with a big round table to block arrow fire and eventually the ogre’s massive club. Whenever I said that the ogre attacked the paladin or someone shot arrows at him, he just said “who cares! Siegfried has my back!” totally ignoring he danger and taking half damage from hold expenditure.

– First thing thief does is to coat a throwing knife with Serpent Tears, poisoning the ogre. He was pretty satisfied with himself 😉

– Fighter was pretty sweet over the block, attacking with total disregard for his own safety. First roll he made was a flying charge at the ogre, which he missed, making the ogre squash him. Druid asked if he could defend him, I told him yes, how? “I turn into an ox, and ram that ogre”. Worked wonders I might add. Fighter halved the damage, taking 6 instead of 12 (before armor).

Also, we had a fight on a burning ship, in boiling water, with an enemy wizard summoning frost demons.

Everyone had a lot of fun. After the first fight I asked them what they thought. They were initially confused about the lack of initiative, and worried that the loudest would “do more”. I asked them if they noticed how many times I asked another player to “wait a second” until I had heard the answer from the guy I asked something. After that, they just bought totally into it.

I rolled 3 times on the treasure chart, plus handed them the Infinite Book from a wizard the slew.

Everyone was pretty satisfied, and I told them I was thinking about running a campaign. A lot of them (those leaving nearby) really wanted to join.

These are players used to very rigid system, and they totally saw the merits of the system, and we all had a wonderful time.

I can’t tell you guys how glad I am for selling the system so well…

5 thoughts on “My fears for tonight’s session (with five old friends) was totally brought to shame.”

  1. Tim Franzke 

    hi5 back!

    The druids tell was that the had blue beard and hair, and that it transferred to his animal forms. Basically they (ab)used this as a distraction. Blue cats, walruses and sea gulls aren’t exactly common 😉

  2. Well, the players certainly got nervous ;P

    There was a crate of neo dymium, that magical metal stuff,  that got dropped into the water. The Druid was currently a walrus, and the flying wizard kind of cast a fireball after him in rage.

    Walrus rolled to one side, dropping into the water to avoid the fireball. Druid safe, ship burning. The paladin then rolled a miss with his crossbow, and I told the druid that the water around the crate started boiling. He swam away and shapeshifted into a bird that could fly while soaking wet, and then I told him how all the water was now boiling.

    If they had rolled another miss, I’d have destroyed the rowboat they had fastened to the ship. Luckily for them, this didn’t happen.

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