15 thoughts on “Proofs from the Korean version of Dungeon World.”

  1. The portuguese version is ready, and buyers are getting their hardcover copies during this week!

    I’m producing a lot of material support for Dungeon World in my blog, “The Old Master”, including a DM Screen, arcane and divine grimoires , etc..

    Access my blog (you can translate it with google translator, isn’t so bad):


    I have also created a community on Google+ called “Boteco Dungeon World” (it’s the same thing that Dungeon World Tavern, just add Caipirinha – a drink with rum, lemon and a little secret).

    Access the community: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/101024815800195997487

    Despite being entirely in Portuguese, it would be an honor if the authors of the DW were part of it. Adam Koebel Sage LaTorra 

    Thanks for the game guys!

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