14 thoughts on “Multiclass Dabbling”

  1. Well, it’s a little underpowered in my opinion (I know DW doesn’t worry about balance). If he wants to though, sure! I see no reason why not. He could also do something similar with Apotheosis, depending on the deity (all-seeing eyes or something like that).

  2. Maybe a cool opportunity for a compendium class based on how it makes sense in the fiction?

    (Not that there’s anything wrong with just letting him take the move-this just might create new neat stuff)

  3. The scales are so heavily weighted towards “why the hell not” that it would barely register as a question.

    Also, don’t undervalue the ability to look deep into someone’s soul and read the stains of darkness therein. That’s a big deal.

  4. Yeah, I constantly find myself wanting to give more details to my Paladin. Like “Hmmm, this is a light-to-moderate evil aura, like, somebody who grew up in a pretty evil society and doesn’t question cultural mores like slavery of war prisoners, but isn’t a active sadist themselves or anything.”

  5. I plan on asking the PC a bit too, like “Hey, is this evil? Raising the undead? What if you didn’t kill the guy, just made use of an available corpse, and put the zombie to manual labor? Would there be a meaningful distinction between skeletons and bone golems?”

  6. Ben Wray Adam Koebel inspired me just now and I thought of this. What if every time they detected evil what they saw was the symbol of their God.

    Then you can describe it something like this:

    “As you look into the Barons eyes, you see a quick vision of The Baron wearing the symbol of your God as a set of handcuffs. The symbol has a single dark spot on it, it is an old stain and has not spread for years but the center of the dark spot is as dark as night.”

  7. Matt Smith

    I like this idea. The god in question is a god of Secrets and hidden things. He could see a symbol of his god stained with the degree of evil the person/place or thing in question is. The secret woudl be what ever the evil agenda is or whatever the evil is tryign to hide or disguise.

  8. I was saying the religious symbol could be used to reveal what the god sees as evil.

    So the god of secrets might view a teacher as more evil than a murderer and would empart that perspective to its followers.

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