Just thought of a fun way to start a game.

Just thought of a fun way to start a game.

Just thought of a fun way to start a game.

“So, Dalos, you wake up screaming. You had a dream, you are almost sure it was a dream, but it felt so real… It was utterly horrifying though. What did you dream?”

They give you an awesome answer and then you ask “How long have you had these prophetic dreams?”

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  1. This is how my homebrew DnD game starts out each session, a set of rules i’ve been cobbling together for some time. The dream actually affects the persons stat modifiers until the next extended rest. The dream can be good(+1), neutral (no dream), or bad (-1) to a single stat, which is a 1d6 to randomly choose the stat. They then must describe what happened in the dream., incorporating all the effects and type of stat chosen.

    The wizard of the group received a boost to his intelligence and effectively described that in his dream he was Neo from the Matrix (not exactly so obviously, but we got the point).

  2. I did something like this once. “Monk you had a dream about one animal eating another. What were they?(answers wolf eating fox) wizard, you have the same dream, what does it mean? (power over cunnung)

    By the end of the session wizard ends up with a fox emblem on his staff. Monk with an eating problem gets possessed by a logophage spirit and all of a sudden the wizard with all of his cunning looks like a snack.

    Good times.

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