Just got home from GMing my first *World game.

Just got home from GMing my first *World game.

Just got home from GMing my first *World game. Since this was one-off night in the midst of a Pathfinder campaign, I decided to throw Adventures on Dungeon Planet at them instead of straight-up DW, just to get away from fantasy for a bit. Plus, I love pulp adventure.

My prep involved sketching out a Front that riffed on “The Jewelled Courts of Saturn” from John Harper’s awesome Danger Patrol, and starting in media res, with the PCs bound in adamant chains at the end of a promontory extending over the Great Pit, into which they were about to be forced at spearpoint by the Saturnine Guard, while Princess Anu looked on.

At the end of our three hours of play, the God of the Pit had swallowed all twelve members of the Saturnine Guard whole; the Earthling’s magic shield had severed the arm of the diabolical Duke Darmadu, revealing his true form as a Reptilord Skinshifter; the PCs had snuck through an angry throng by impersonating the funereal procession of said Duke; the Engine of Destruction had destroyed destroyed destroyed; the Technician had electrocuted himself in the course of hotwiring the royal skiff (no harm done); and a hijacked sulfur transport from Titan had run aground on the rocks of the Gray Waste, brought down by an electro-magnetic storm that also caused the Mutant to lose his monkey tail and gain the acid-projecting proboscis of a sawfly. When last we saw the Danger Patrol, they were rocketing toward Dione, the frozen moon to which the wounded Reptilord has escaped.

In short: great fun. Everyone had a rollicking good time. I am won over, and may have planted the seed necessary to eventually pry my group free of D&D 3.5. Fingers crossed.

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