13 thoughts on “How do you emulate a class wanting to do another class move?”

  1. Or just make a GM move, as Tim Franzke would probably suggest.

    If you think the door would yield even to the the wizard kicked it, then just tell the player that it makes an awefully loud crack, and that they can her footsteps around the corner. Running.*

    *This assumes that the wizard is puny, as a proper wizard should be.

  2. Giovanni Lanza Oh, totally! You could also give him a different kind of choice, based on the fighters list:

    “If you kick down that door, the noise will be heard in every room with an entry to this hall. You can do without much noise, but it’s gonna take some time, and some tools. What’ll it be?”

    That means going back to making a GM move though, instead of a roll.

  3. As others have said: anyone can try and bust the door down… But they can’t do it as quickly or efficiently as a fighter. Maybe a cleric or wizard could employ magic to achieve the same end result… With a whole other set of conditions and consequences…

  4. The power of Bend Bars, Lift Gates is that the fighter knows what they’re in for. They’ve got this move that tells them what they can expect (and it’ll likely be better than what another character can expect in the same circumstances).

    Anybody can break down a door, assuming said door is within what they could reasonably break down. What move happens probably depends: it might be defy danger, if they’re doing it with imminent danger. It might be a soft move from the GM (maybe: “it’ll take a long time and a lot of noise, do you still do it?”). Or maybe, for particuarly wimpy doors, they just do it.

    (In the just-do-it case, that imples the fiction is such that the fighter wouldn’t have triggered Bend bars, Lift Gates either.)

  5. With the exception of the occasional door you just need to put a bit of shoulder into, I figure Bend Bars/Lift Gates gives you a list of things The Fighter, or anyone with the move, is able to avoid.  Without the move, you can’t avoid those things. 

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