13 thoughts on “Johnstone Metzger , the Mutant move Spit Acid:”

  1. But spitting kinda implies that you are realtively close to them. Close enough that they could stab you with a spear or at least close the distance to close or hand range if you don’t jump back fast enough (7-9). 

    How about Defy Danger of them getting closer/doing something to you. 

    It’s not Enganging in Melee but it’S not shooting with a ranged weapon either. You are defying their danger with your acid spit. 

  2. Tbh, I haven’t used it in a game. I just thought it’d be a neat power to have in real life.

    (get pulled over) “Is there a problem, officer?” spit at cop

    (go through rough breakup) spit at ex

    (get approached by credit card salesperson) spit

    Plus everything melts in your mouth. No more indigestion!

    (As far as #dungeonworld is concerned, though, I think it’s a con move. I wouldn’t use hack&slash simply because, well, you don’t hack or slash with your spit. But it doesn’t quite feel like volley either. Therefore I’d probably call it a custom con move.)

  3. Richard Robertson I think an argument can be made for a variety of different moves.

    If I was playing a mutant and my STR was highest, I would get into melee, then use it, and say it was H&S because it meets the trigger requirements. If my DEX was highest, I would try to stay just out of my enemy’s reach–or better yet, above my enemy!–and spit at them “from range” and say it was either a volley or a defy danger with DEX (the danger being acid on your shoes or people you like, etc). If my CON was highest, I would argue that creating the acid is health-related and therefore I was defying danger with CON (this last is generally a good tactic to employ for players of the Mutant).

    If I was the GM, I’d let the Mutant player make a case for any one of these. I would also let them spend advantageous mutation hold to spit acid on someone without a roll, even though it’s not technically one of their “advantageous mutations,” but an advanced move.

  4. Off the top of my head? Excessive and/or uncontrolled acid production, vomiting, dizziness or vertigo, blackout, heart attack or stroke, acid gland burnout, malnutrition, friendly fire, or additional mutating.

  5. Blackout and heart attack seem rather extreme, but I get the gist.  Thank, Johnstone.

    Misha Polonsky   I’m considering taking this move for Othello.  What say you?

  6. Hells yeah, Richard Robertson  I’m excited to see some acid spitting action from Othello in session 2! It’s actually a great choice – you’re going to want to have it for where you guys are headed.

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