What would you put on a DW GM screen?

What would you put on a DW GM screen?

What would you put on a DW GM screen?

I haven’t used a GM screen in years, but I’m running at least one game, and sometimes two every week and I’d like to 1) give my players the experience of something secret and special happening, and 2) put some useful reference on the inside.

The obvious is to include GM moves, principles and agendas.

I might also put NPC names, towns, taverns, etc.

What else? What would you put on a GM screen?

11 thoughts on “What would you put on a DW GM screen?”

  1. On the player side (and maybe even your side) put the Basic Moves.

    Definitely have the Advanced Moves (like End of Session, etc) on your side. 

    The basic skeleton to Fronts and Dangers in case you need to create one on the fly.

    Maybe the “Create Your Own Monster” walk-through of questions for the same reason.

  2. I made a DW screen using one of those “customizeable” screens. I put the basic and special moves on the outside panels of the screen and on the inside, the GM moves and a list of tags.

  3. Oooh, yeah, every time I remember the random NPC chart it’s gotten me some good stuff. (Especially fleshing out hirelings a little.)

  4. Pregenerated steading lists. A picture or paragraph that gives the feeling of the campaign to keep you focused, and a reminder… Description of what is going on, then ask what do you do. Never use defy danger as a saving throw.

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