Things i still want to do in #dungeonworld

Things i still want to do in #dungeonworld

Things i still want to do in #dungeonworld  

What about you?

#1 Have a full on (air)ship vs. (air)ship fight with all the swashbuckling tropes

#2 Have a full on (air)ship vs. big scary monster fight

#3 Play a Captain and a Ranger

#4 See all the compendium Classes i have created in Play(test)

#5 Figure out cool new ways to do meta-magic moves for Wizards

#6 Write a full on base class (just lacking the really good idea/archetype)

#7 Run the Torchbearer adventure module in DW with focus on all the things Torchbearer cares about. Just to see how Dungeonworld works with this

#8 Play/Run Inverse World 

#9 See a character reach level 10 and then change their Class 

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  1. for #9, two of my players have legit plans for that. The wizard wants me to take away his magic so he can re-spec as a charlatan who just pretends to have awesome power. 

  2. Throw a dragon at the PCs.

    Throw the Apocalypse Dragon at the PCs.

    Make them earn their victory.

    Run a game of Dungeon Planet.

    Run the Fourthcore module “Fane of the Heresiarch” with Dungeon World.

    (Re: point 7. It’s really funny, in my experience, to actually keep track of load, keeping in mind 100 coins is 1 weight, and seeing PCs suddenly start evaluating all their gear in terms of whether it is literally worth its weight in gold or not. “Do I really need this armor?” Also when the Wizard miscasts Unseen Servant and it floats off with 300 coin.)

  3. especially the Mount rules and rolling +control done by Andri Erlingsson it’s super easy and cool to do. 

    There was a post not so long ago where i went into depth about how you can make those scenes good. 

    The answer? #howwoulditworkinastory  

  4. I’ve been playing, so my #1 is reach the point where I’m comfortable enough with all the rules to run a game.

    #2 See how a consistent game with three players is. I’m curious how the dynamic differs from a larger game (both the ones I’m in are 5 or more). 

    #3 Build alternate magic using classes based on other fantasy settings. I’m not sure if this will go well or be a trainwreck.

    #4 Find time to play or run a hangout game. I’m curious about the dynamic of the game when you aren’t physically in the same place.

  5. – play, and play an elf fighter/wizard

    – see someone taking the apotheosis move

    – see the pcs becoming larger than the setting itself

    – have/write fully fuctional diablo, kata kumbas (which was one of the first italian rpgs) and lex arcana (another cool italian rpg of the old times) hacks

    A consideration: if you want to throw a dragon to the pcs, why not starting with that the next time you play?

  6. I want to run a setting I did in dnd ages ago. Dark world, Evil PC’s in a land barely clinging to civilization overrun with orcs, three powerful empires, (orcs, undead, and abominations) fighting constantly to wipe each other out now that humans, elves, dwarves and such have been reduced to one impregnatable mountain fortress and are slowly dying off entirely.

    To watch the players wage war on the final defense of the last point of light in the world and snuff it out.

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