11 thoughts on “Anybody seen or have any ideas for a Gnome racial move for the fighter?”

  1. How about this:  “Add the following option to a gnome fighter while using the Defend move:  Create an illusionary double for a moment and roll 1d6.  On a 1-3 the attack targets you, no benefit.  On a 4-6, the attack hits the double instead of you and you take no damage.”

    This is similar to the “take 1/2 damage” option for Defend but adds a gnomish twist, and you could choose both options so that 1-3 you take 1/2 damage, 4-6 you take none. 

  2. Matteo Suppo good point…

    I’ve always liked the idea that gnomes are at home amongst chaos and mayhem – the gnome moves for the artificer (good at taking cover when things go boom), optional wizard (lightning storms count as places of power), and artillerist (Volley with WIS, making a very aware combatant) seem to play into that. 

  3. When you’re fighting dirty you can add the Messy tag to your weapon


    When you’re fending off against multiple enemies (more than 2) you can add your level to your damage

    Just some ideas, I dunno if they interests you or if they are balanced or stuff

  4. Gnome

    You suck and nobody likes you.  Please go home.

    Just kidding!  

    Generally, I think that Gnome Fighters, like Halflings, are about going unnoticed or being underestimated. For Gnomes especially, a move about taunting or goading a foe into doing something stupid might be good.

    Something about your leverage for parley in combat is an opportunity to shut you up?

  5. Maybe:

    When you meet someone on the field of battle, you can always ask the GM what would most annoy them. Do it, and you’ll have their undivided attention (for a few moments at least).

  6. What sort of gnome are we talking about here? The disgusting “tinker gnome” or the magnificent gnomes of folklore, aka David the Gnomes?

  7. See, I admit, I’ve used enough Gnomish Flying Machines in Warcraft 2 that I’m down with the concept of Tinker Gnomes.

    Well Prepared: You get twice as many uses out of a set of adventuring gear you purchase or start with. (10 uses per 20 coins/1 weight).

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