Since my crowdsourced magic item thread went so well, let’s do it again but with a twist – I want custom moves for…

Since my crowdsourced magic item thread went so well, let’s do it again but with a twist – I want custom moves for…

Since my crowdsourced magic item thread went so well, let’s do it again but with a twist – I want custom moves for these locations, and the more the merrier. They are in three sets so each can build in thematic ways if you like. Feel free to use legendary figures and places mentioned in the magic items – Krasa-Samo, Kab, Belobor, the Diagon Priesthood, the gods Svarog and Morana, Breda the Mad, Queen Mala, the Gull Horde, the Jagodar, the Tuchkonen, etc. I want terse but colorful specific moves with effects

Tropical set





Steppe set





Arctic set





Contribute as many as you want, and thanks!

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  1. When you attempt to thaw out a Frozen One in the Ice Desert of Olar, roll +INT.

    On a hit the thawed individual will wake up shivering, 800 years out of place, confused and frightened. They will need immediate attention and resources if they are to survive.

    On a 7-9 GM chooses one:

    * The person is walking the crumbling edge of sanity

    * The person is badly hurt and immobile

    * The person lashes out in deadly rage

    A miss will be gruesome. The poor soul partially regains consciousness before shattering into multiple pieces or something similarly horrifying.


    Impulse: to hold you till the end of times

    GM moves:

    * crack the weak ice

    * reveal snow-white predators

    * freeze your body, soul or mind

    * confuse you with false suns

    * cover everything with fresh snow

    * lure you with gold

    The race for number one

    When you race your dog sled against old-timers, roll +DEX for every stage. On 10+, all 3, on 7-9 choose 2:

    * you save your wind

    * you gain a couple positions

    * you don’t get into a fight

  3. When trying to win the friendship of the Ur-Razors of the Village of the Kaud, drink the fiery fermented blood-drink called OOSK, and roll ‘+Con

    On a hit you take your OOSK and, with a fiery belch, recieve the acclaim of the Ur-Razors: they will treat you as one of their own for the period of a moon.

    On a 7-9 GM chooses one:

    * The OOSK turns your hair white (or blood red if it was already white); the Ur-Razors revere this as an omen

    *The OOSK causes you to belch an actual gout of flame with the attendant damage to the surroundings; the Ur-Razors are impressed.

    *The OOSK tastes especially good, like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. Perhaps you’ll have another round?

    On a miss you take your OOSK, and it seems fine at first, but very soon you find that gravity works, the floor is VERY friendly, and you take 1 damage from the resulting hangover. In addition, the Ur-Razors give you a new, especially insulting nickname and treat you like a horseless rider.

  4. When you throw something you value dearly into the Offering Pit of Turik, roll +CHA

    The god Svarog manifests in his tusked and horrible glory. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one:

    *You keep your sanity.

    *You receive a treasure of great value.

    *You don’t go blind.

    A miss is terrible, involving great curses, bodily harm, or the beginning of the end of the world.

  5. When you first set eyes on the village of Naja’s Inlet, something about your heart, choose 1:

    -Your heart flutters, what about the village remind you of home?

    -Your heart skips a beat, where have you seen this exact village before?

    -Your heart thunders in your ears, how far do you think you can run before the giant sees you?

    -Your Heart, at least it used to be your Heart, is sailing into the inlet – how did you lose the ship again?

  6. When you kill something in the Hellswamps of Ezer, roll +Wis. On a 10+ you are safe, the swamp didn’t notice. On a 7-9, one the demons trapped in the swamp’s turgid waters will inhabit and inanimate the corpse. On a 6-, the demon inherits the host’s hatred and memory of who killed it.

  7. When you attempt to make a bargain with the Crone Ezer in her Hellswamps, roll +CHA. On a 10+ she places a demonic curse on an ally of your choice, you gain what you came here seeking.

    On a 7-9 she makes you choose for bothering her:

    – You obsessively covet her hand in marriage and stay in the swamp.

    – Your allies are compelled to give up their possessions.

    – You become possessed.

    On a 6- she takes your skin.

  8. When you attempt to interpret the pictographs of the VILLAGE OF GRUGIAU’S MOUND, roll +INT. On a 10+ choose two, on a 7-9 choose one.

    – You know what creature is jailed inside.

    – You know how to release what is jailed inside.

    – You know why the creature is jailed in an earthen mound.

    – You know when the creature was jailed.

    – You know who jailed the creature.

    – The pictographs do not fade.

    On a 6- the pictographs fade, the creature bargains for its release or something else equally frustrating.

  9. If you die in the Tower of the Skull-Wizard, you will always come back, but not the same as you were. Roll +nothing. 

    On a 10+, you come back alive, but as a Wraithlander. You gain the move “From the Forbidden Land Returned” (from the DW backer compendium classes). 

    On a 7-9, you come back, but as the undead, in control, but plagued by hunger. You are a Hungry Dead (from Number Appearing). Choose whether you hunger for souls, flesh, blood, or brains. Lose your racial move and gain your Hungry Dead racial move.

    On a 6-, you rise again as an undead creature under the GM’s control, but with full knowledge of your companions.

  10. When you sit on the Throne of Bones, atop the tower of the Skull Wizard, roll + WIS.

    On 10+, you get a glimpse of the Wizard’s vast knowledge. Ask about anything that the Tower surveys or has surveyed in the past, and the GM will tell you all there is to know about it. 

    On 7-9, as above, but you can ask a single question. Furthermore, you caught the attention of something evil. The Skull Wizard? One of your enemies? The subject of your enquiry?

    On 6-, you are magically bonded with the throne. If something isn’t done, your skeleton will soon be a part of the Throne of bones.

  11. When you break the ancient seals upon the gates of Takaan-Veimi, you are Marked by the Mountain. The protectors of the Hall of the Stonecutters will look to punish the one Marked before all others.

  12. When you crawl, climb or otherwise muscle your way into the DWARVEN RUIN  OF TAKAAN-DOSTI, roll +STR. On a 10+ choose two, on a 7-9 choose one.

    – You impress the ruins, your name is not entered onto the Begrudging Stone.

    – If you aren’t small or short, you don’t get stuck in a tight situation.

    – You clear a path for your allies, but all the traps reset.

    – All mechanical traps don’t reset.

    On a 6-, all traps reset, you become stuck and your name is entered onto the Begrudging Stone or something equally dwarf like.

    Names on the Begrudging Stone are not welcome in the ruins!

  13. When you finally find the Cursed Temple of Vell, the Daemon Maiden grants your wish. In return, you must accept to bear the wanderer’s curse.

    You will never be able to visit any place you have been before. If you ever try, either you or the people living there will pay a dreadful price.

  14. Jason Morningstar  Because when you give any sort of attention to the Dwarven Ruin of Takaan-Piri, you immediately gain the following Bond with it:

    • The Ghosts of Takaan-Piri want me to solve the mystery of their deaths and learn why the ruins have be forgotten.

    The ghosts can use this move to Aid or Interfere with you, and always have a 10+ result. They can only Aid on attempts to resolve the Bond, and can interfere with any action that isn’t about solving the mystery.

    When the Bond is resolved, you gain the following move:

    Memories of the Forgotten Ruins: The lost lore, legends, prophecies, and knowledge of Takaan-Piri have found a new home in your mind. When you Spout Lore, you can also ask one question off the Discern Realities list regardless of your roll.

  15. When you yank levers in the High Wheelhouse of the Dwarven Ruin of Takaan-Piri, roll +INT

    On a 10+ Tell about what sub-system you’ve just discovered, pick one from the following list:

    * The Lake-lock

    * The Takaan Breath of The Howling Steppe

    * The Krang Siren that, of old, could be heard by the TAKAAN-VEIMI on clear days

    * The Sun Valves in the Great Hanging Pear-Tree Gardens

    * The Earth’s Blood Conduit

    * The Drakonhardt Forge

    * The Weapon called the Last Answer of Piri-Kharn

    On a 7-9 the GM chooses 1, but you do not get to know what it is until you encounter it in your explorations.

    On a miss, the you choose::

    * You hear  the shredding of gears and chains as the leverage breaks cams: cross off one feature of this room permanently.

    * Your lever-pull wakens that which should not be wakened

    * Any two of the list above begins functioning out of control

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