#ThiefWeek  Compendium Classes

#ThiefWeek  Compendium Classes

#ThiefWeek  Compendium Classes 

(they are not formatted right now) 

The Spellthief, Junge Stalker and the Jack of all Trades. 

All of these are primarily aimed at Thief players but can be taken by any class. The JoaT is something that is also very much a Bard thing but fit’s in well with the Thief archetype too i think. 

The Spellthief is a concept from 3.5 that i really like (but is not very much fun in that system). It’s pretty focused on backstabbing mages.

The Junge Stalker was my try to do something that is both “primal magic” and a Thief. It took me a long time but taking on aspects and abilities of things like Snakes and Spiders seems very fitting to me.

The Jack of all Trades is well, a Multiclass Addict that can do a lot of stuff but not all of these well.  Racial Ambiguity works with non-Race moves too, you just have too decide if some particular drive/focus/whatever would make sense to match his original move choice. 

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  1. Spellthief

    When you have backstabbed a magic user while they where casting a spell 

    Steal Spell 

    When you backstab a magic user, you steal one of their spells and choose 1 

    – You know how to aim the spell

    – You know what the spell does

    The spell is stored in your body and you can cast it. Once you do it’s gone

    Additional Moves:

    Master Spellthief

    When you use Steal Spell, choose 2 instead of 1 

    Hands on Anti-Magic

    When you backstab a magic user, add this to the available options 

    – Take away their spellcasting until they can refocus 

    Spell Sponge

    When you brace yourself against a spell, absorbing it’s effect into your body, roll+CON

    On a 10+ choose 2, on a 7-9 choose 1 

    – You can cast that spell as per the Steal Spell move

    – You resist the effect or damage of the spell 

    – You don’t exhaust your body in the process 

  2. Jungle Stalker 

    When you have received the blessing of the spirits to stalk the enemies of nature and they have marked you with a mark of the primal stalkers 

    Stalkers Gifts

    When you have made camp, choose on of your tattoos and roll+CON

    On a 10+ choose 2 of it’s gifts, on a 7-9 choose 1 

    You get access to 2 Jungle Stalker Tattoos when you take this move

    Additional Moves


    Gain a third Junge Stalker Tattoo 

    Adaptive Hunter (requires Additional Gifts)

    When you use Stalkers Gifts on a 10+ you can choose to activate multiple tattoos and mix their effects. In addition, when you roll a 12+ choose 3 gifts. 

    Becoming the Stalker

    You get access to the Shapeshifter move. You can only take the form of those animals whose Jungle Stalker Tattoos you bear.

    Jungle Stalker Tattoos 

    Mark of the silken sister

    You have been tattooed with the sign of the black spider across your back. 


    – You can walk on walls and ceilings as you can on the ground

    – You can spend time to create a sticky spiders net, trapping everyone in it that blunders into it

    – Your bite becomes poisonous and gains the effect of the Oil of Tangit poison

    – You gain immunity to every spider-poison and spiders will treat you as a friend 

    Mark of the wriggling brother 

    You have been tattooed with the  sign of the yellow-green spider across your arm. 


    – You body becomes unnaturally flexible, allowing you to bend and stretch it even further then trained contortionists might. 

    – Your bite becomes poisonous, when you bite a limp it goes numb making every use of it extremely difficult 

    – Your gaze becomes hypnotic, when you lock eyes with someone up close they flinch or freeze and can’t do anything until the contact is broken 

    – You gain immunity to every snake-poison and snakes will treat you as a friend 

    Mark of the hidden brother

    You have been tattooed with the sign of the ever changing chameleon frog across your chest.


    – You can change the colour of your body and clothes to match your surrounding and can camouflage yourself with a moment of concentration

    – Your tongue becomes unnatural large and you can use it as a lasso at reach range

    – Your body secrets a poisonous sweat that burns everyone touching it for a d6 of damage 

    – Frogs and other amphibians of any kind become your friend and you are immune to their poisonous effects.  

  3. Jack of all Trades 

    When you don’t let yourself define by only 1 identity and try something new every day. 

    Hey! That looks like fun! 

    When you make camp choose a class not already in play. The GM will tell you one of it’s moves that you can use until you make camp again. 

    When you do this, change your Alignment Move to one matching that class. 

    Additional Moves

    Multiclass Addict 

    Get one move from another class. Treat your level as one lower for choosing the move.

    Force of Personality 

    Choose one of your Class Moves or Advanced Moves. Whatever you roll for that Move, roll+CHA instead 


    When you have time and materials you can create a disguise that will fool anyone into thinking you’re another creature of about the same size and shape. Your actions can give you away but your appearance won’t.

    Racial Ambiguity

    Choose 1:

    – You get another Racial Move of your Class, even if you are not that race

    – Take a Racial Move of another Class – it has to match your Race 

  4. My impression is that they can then simply “unleash” the spell. As a GM, I would allow them, (because of their experience using this gift) to unleash it in a general direction, or more or less at an enemy if they think the spell was an attack spell. I might allow a discern realities roll to gain some information on how to “wield” the spell depending on the situation. Lets say for example they steal a fireball spell but don’t know what it was or how to aim it. I might use a soft move like “As you unleash the spell, you begin to feel hot, you feel heat welling up within you about to surge forth, What do you do?”.

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