25 thoughts on “If you were bound to the spirits of a city and could ask them any questions, what would those questions be?”

  1. -Why is Nature at war with you?

    -Do the beings that dwell here deserve your majesty?

    -How do I protect against your corrupting influence?

  2. How might I pass myself as a local, here?

    What laws, written and unwritten, should I be aware of?

    What’s the quickest way up to the rooftops? To the tunnels beneath the streets? To a crowd where I can lose my pursuers?

    Hey, how’s it going?

  3. -Show me the secret ways.

    -What sickens ad corrupts you?

    -Who abuses the true power of your secret heart?

    -What sacrifice do you require?

    -Where are the wealthy and powerful vulnerable within you?

    -How might your spirit be set free?

    -What do you want to destroy?

    -How do I get to that which is most valuable to those that live within you?

    -When will you rise to traverse the stone and soil again?

  4. – In what way are you not a tree?

    – What walks the streets unseen?

    – How do the separate divisions of inhabitants overlap and mingle?

    – How is law upheld within the walls?

    – What is the source of the most chaos and corruption inside?

    – What changes in everyone who enters your gates?

  5. What is the quickest path from here to there?

    Besides the streets, what other networks can I traverse?Where can I hideout and likely be unnoticed by my enemies?

    In which districts can I find this item?

    What is this city’s greatest problem?

    What is hidden beneath the streets?

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