4 thoughts on “Good racial move for a half-orc Barbarian anyone?”

  1. I don’t honestly think you need one for the Barbarian, the Outsider race covers it really well, in my opinion. If you really want one, here’s one for a half-Orc fighter I made:

    – Your will to live is legendary. You roll twice and take the better result when taking your Last Breath.

  2. The Outsider move is really the only one you need, since it’s set up to cover stuff like half-orcs.

    This is my Orc Fighter racial, boring as it is:

    When you are attacked by an enemy, you deal +1 damage forward against them.

  3. Isn’t there a last breath move for barbarian already where you make a deal with death? That would drive the story in cool ad unexpected ways too rather than just a dice roll…

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