10 thoughts on “A big thank you to Misha Polonsky for running our first ever DW hangout game.”

  1. And, again, thank you Isa Wills Eadwin Tomlinson and Penda Tomlinson for playing! Honestly, that’s one of the reasons I love this game – that story would NOT have turned out that way had it not been for you all.

    In case anyone is wondering, I had no fronts and 0 prep when I went in GMing this session. All the prep came from bonds and questions – which took only half an hour. 

    For dice rolling, I told the players they could roll physical dice if they want. I think it’s better for three reasons: 1) It’s fun to roll physical dice  2) It feels more like a TT game (and I realize Hangouts are Hangouts and not TT, but don’t they largely exist to let players across the globe try and simulate the TT feel as best they can?) And, kind of on that note, 3) Different people have different connections, devices, etc. Maybe someone can’t access a certain app, maybe the dice app causes lag for someone. I feel like that was the case for me in one Hangout game – I exited out of the dice app and everything worked fine.

    Unless I’m mistaken, roll20 has a map drawing feature; but, personally, I like to stick to quick drawings on index cards and placing them up to the camera for everyone to see.

    Isa Wills I should have drawn more maps, but I definitely drew the ones that I felt I either wasn’t explaining as well or could seem confusing or whatnot. 

    More often than not, I draw maps for battles – especially ones with many monsters/enemies. Dungeon maps come second.

  2. In Roll20, you can draw your map in advance and teleport the tokens of the party in it when you want.

    Or, you could use Roll20 “Handouts” which are Objects you can give to some or all player. These object can be image, text, whatever you want.

    An in Roll20, you (and your players) can “throw” 3D dice on the table 😉

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