6 thoughts on “#ThiefWeek”

  1. As a GM, Thief in group 1 always starts trouble and rarely deals with it. Thief in group 2 had only half a session to shine, but I think his curiousity will make him THE Thief.

    My PC Thief is THE Thief because he started his first adventure with a stolen identity.

  2. let’s see… in one of the campaigns, the thief is simply THE most dangerous creature alive when he handles poisons, and he’s utterly ruthless.

    In the other campaign, the thief is the only one who came for the north and decided not to simply plunder a little city and come back at home: he decided he must have the whole big capital city, and no one would ever notice that it was him (not the emperor, not the priests) who really runs the city! He’s all about power and building a guild that will last for decades, maybe centuries. And, oh, he just ate the heart out of a living doppleganger to acquire its powers.

    General ideas:

    – the thief is the only one capable of surviving among monsters and the big, bad creatures of the Bad Neighborhood. He doesn’t need a big shiny sword, nor magical powers. He just need a dark alley and a good occasion, and he knows how to wait.

    – he already died, once, and made a deal with Death: lots of souls in exchange for a second chance.

    – he’s not a mortal at all, just a living shadow from Beyond The Veil that found the right body

  3. also:

    – the thief is the real Merchant Prince, whose identity is hidden behind a golden, jeweled mask

    – the thief is, after all, a good person that just tries to survive: he just comes from a culture that doesn’t have the concept of possession, is all!

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