#ThiefWeek   #magicitemonday  crossover 2

#ThiefWeek   #magicitemonday  crossover 2

#ThiefWeek   #magicitemonday  crossover 2

The paper gloves 

“These gloves are made of paper. Well not actuall paper, that wouldn’t work. Still – they look like paper, they smell and sound like paper… They are destroyed when they get wet. Still, i checked. I asked an alchemist. It’s not paper. 

All the couriers of the Zsars postal brigade where them when they swoop around on their hippogriffs… 

Now boy, listen to me because this is important. Never trust these couriers cause you see: These gloves are magical. And not made out of paper. 

I saw one of these bastards handle a letter with these. When you just hold the letter for quite some time, the words apear on the paper of the glove! You can read any messeage this way without ever having to open the seal! When i saw that i took my club and beat this courier over the head. Pretty useful such a glove. Later i found out that they also translate! It showed an elvish letter to me but i could read it! 

Just remember one thing.