#ThiefWeek   #magicitemmonday  crossover – Final Countdown Edition

#ThiefWeek   #magicitemmonday  crossover – Final Countdown Edition

#ThiefWeek   #magicitemmonday  crossover – Final Countdown Edition

Silver Gauntlet

There was an old dwarfen hero. A Thief really. He decided to woe a dwarfen girl and as it was tradition the dwarf that brought the biggest treasure would win her heart. Together with his human friend he went out and had many adventures. So rich was he, that he created a whole magical armor of gleaming silver to prepare for robbing the hoard of the biggest and strongest of the elemental dragons. This Gauntlet here looks a lot like this design.

The wearer of this Gauntlet can open any lock with ease and the simplest of tools. Just get the Gauntlet in proximity to it and it will go to work. However, it has a mind of it’s own and shouldn’t be close to valuables. It will reach for them and palm or pocket them without it’s wearer knowing about it. When the Guards catch them later, they will loose the Gauntlet AND the hand. 

What happened to dwarfen thief you ask? Well, that is another story. 

The Sound rod

This metal rod is maybe as long as your hand and made from a silvery material. When you push its one and only button the light at the top starts to glow and the rod emits a buzzing noise. Depending on the model the light might be blue or green. Just point the rod at the thing you want to manipulate, think what it should do and press the button. After having scanned an energy source or magical effect you can read out it’s potence and strengh by extending the rod. 

For unknown purposes the rod might not work on wood and can only be used an arbitrary number of times.   

At the beginning of the session, roll+INT

On a 10+ hold 3, on a 7-9 hold 2. 

You can spend your hold 1 for 1 to make the rod do something. Reading energy outputs does not require an expenditure of hold. 

6 thoughts on “#ThiefWeek   #magicitemmonday  crossover – Final Countdown Edition”

  1. I always loved the Bracers of Infinite Daggers from 4e. Basically, it gave you infinite ammo for thrown attacks, with all the benefits your character got for using daggers.

    This item would be easy to use for DW. Basically, they could come with “3 ammo”, and recharge every moon rise. Also, being forever armed with daggers seems like a nice thief trick 😉

  2. I like it! 

    Along thise lines, what was the name of the bracelet you could use to store weapons and items in 2E? Could be a fun magical replacement for the adventurer’s pack, with weapon option…

  3. One thing I’ve been thinking about for DW is “specialized Adventuring Gear”.

    Basically, it would work in the same way, but the tools would all have to be something related to a theme, like “Assorted gear for Thievery and Burglary”.

    This kind of gear would be “better” for the tasks they are meant for, making granting a +1 forward bonus for a relevant roll, but could be used to pull forth tools for more general situations, but without the bonus.

    I got the idea for a “reward” for asking “what here is useful or valuable to me” on a Discern Realities roll in a smithy. “You find 3 uses of Adventuring gear, limited to tools found in a blacksmith’s workshop.”

  4. I think you have yourself an equipment rule here. Also, Alchemical/gadgeteering Gear for things like smoke bombs, liquide hellfire, acid arrows, etc.

    You know, like in the series of video games called… Thief. ;)

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