28 thoughts on “Any of you lovely Tavernites going to GenCon this year?”

  1. That would be awesome! Also, padre and I are working on a DW supplement, and we’re wondering if you and/or Sage LaTorra would like to help us playtest it?

  2. If I get the teaching job I’m going for, I won’t make it this year, but if not, I’ll be there manning the Arc Dream booth in the dealer’s hall as usual.  If I do get to go, I’d be all over a DW gathering.  I was in line behind Adam at the noodle place one day last year, but hadn’t gotten my game yet and didn’t recognize him at the time!

  3. Games on Demand, Robert Neaves. There will be lots of DW (including games from Adam and I) at GoD.

    In fact, the game I run at GoD will be a sneak preview/playtest of some of the stuff we’re making for our first supplement.

  4. I’ll be there this year.  I plan on spending lots of time in the Games on Demand area too.

    Adam Koebel Count me in for a DW Tavern meet up.

  5. I’ll be at gen con and running dw at games on demand as well. The are several gms running it there, rather than in specific time slots. Show up and demand it. 😉

  6. One day I’ll get another job that lets me cross the pond to Gen Con. You know, in the bright future where European publishers can afford plane tickets again 😉

  7. I’ll be there. I’m offering one DW game in my Games On Demand menu.

    Dungeon World – The Tower of the Dreaming Demon

    Set in Tol Nagrond the last great city of the Eternal Emperor. You’ll face dangerous enemies, sweeping plots, and treacherous locations as you explore the mysterious tower. Equal parts Sword and Sorcery, Science Fantasy, and Weird Pulp. Are you ready?

  8. I’m another Games on Demand GM who will be offering Dungeon World.

    The idea of a lunch get together or similar is appealing, although I tend to overbook my Gen Cons so actually making it may be hard.

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