4 thoughts on “Would you happen to have a good move when your party flee/pursue some monsters?”

  1. Probably Defy Danger, with the appropriate stat being related to how they are fleeing or pursuing. All out sprint? STR. Darting around obstacles? DEX. A long, grueling chase? CON.

  2. Or perilous journey. Depending on the head start. You block off the cave as you make your escape there’s the belief you might be able to take a small rest

  3. You could make a specific move for a specific dungeon:

    When you throw caution to the wind and run like hells out of the Sleeping Queen’s Tomb, roll + Wis:

    On a 10+ you get the hell out of there, though whatever you woke up might be following you.

    On a 7-9, you get right to one of the exits and something bars your way.

    On a miss, you make a mistake and go deeper into the tomb and you can hear the queen’s hearts beating; she is awake.

    When you throw caution tot he wind and run like hells out of the Iron Liche’s Tomb, roll + Wis:

    On a 10+ you get the hell out of there, though however you got in will be more difficult to traverse next time.

    On a 7-9, you get out by the klaxons are sounding and the steam ghouls are roused to hunt you down.

    On a miss, you are lost in the factory-tomb and the red-goggled eye of the Iron Liche is upon you.

  4. I think I’ve come up with something a bit more generic than a dungeon move. To be used when your PCs decide to leg it and fight another day:

    When you flee from peril, roll 2D6+Str.

    10+: You distance yourself from the said peril

    7-9: You distance yourself but the GM chooses one:

    – It costs you something

    – The peril/opposition increases

    – A new peril/obstacle arises

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