12 thoughts on “I can’t believe I was the first person to stat this up.”


    On a 10+, you avoid becoming chum and can safely cackle as everyone else bites the big one. On a 7-9 you need a bigger boat/plane/rocket ship – choose a member of your party to be swallowed up and eaten.

  2. Someone in SomethingAwful’s DW thread actually made a whole front based around the sharknado. I’m so proud.

    (I’d post a line, but I want to make sure he’s okay with it first.)

  3. I’d love to see that Front.  I imagine it’s something like this:

    [  ]Sharknado Pillages the Countryside

    [  ]Sharknado Burninates the Peasants

    [  ]Sharknado Gets Cocky and begins referring to itself in the Third Person

    [  ]Sharknado Stops Counting Calories and swallows an entire city

    [  ]Sharknado acquires Hurricane status (Sharkicane?)

    GRIM PORTENT: Sharkknado-cane devours the world

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