Holy shit, you guys…

Holy shit, you guys…

Holy shit, you guys…

Barbarian is down to 2 hp and has just botched a roll charging into a room full of two clockwork constructs.

Me: OK, they both point their arms at you and their fists detach and fly towards you at high velocity. What do you do?

Ranger: I take aim at one of the fists and try to deflect it.

Me: Sounds like a called shot. Roll +dex.

Ranger: 11!

Me: Your arrow hits the fist in just the right spot to deflect it past the Barbarian. Barbarian: there is one more fist flying towards you. What do you do?

Barbarian: I punch the fist!

Me: Roll defy danger + str.

Barbarian: Uhh, 4.

Me: Oh wait… don’t you think you’re indulging your appetite for destruction:?

Barbarian: Hell yeah! (rolls d8 + d6): 12!

Me: Your fist makes contact with the constructs as it flies towards you. There is a loud thunderclap, and suddenly you feel the spray of a million iron filings across your body and face as the pulverized construct fists explodes on impact.

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  1. I’m trying harder to be a fan of the characters… his character was from a tribe that solve all of their problems by punching.

    He leveled up that session and took Signature Weapon: Fists as a multiclass move. Go figure.

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