9 thoughts on “How does stun damage work?”

  1. fighter: I swing my sword to decapitate the goblin in front of me!

    – misses hack’n’slash –

    gm: yeah well, as soon as you load the blow, another goblin comes from behind and strikes you in the back of your neck with his billy club. You are stunned for the next few seconds; you can distinguish the blurry shapes of the goblins kidnapping the princess and running away. What do you do?

  2. Fighter: I run after them!

    GM: defy danger! You’re stunned, stumbling, staggering with a big lump on the back of your skull!


    Fighter: I take a minute to breathe, and get my bearings!

    GM: okay, you’re breathing and your head is spinning, but after a minute your vision stops swimming and you can see the goblins have mounted their wargs. The princess is unconscious on the lead warg, and its taking off running — NOW! What do you do?

  3. Basically stun damage is a hard choice. You can let the GM do something and pick up after she has made a move, or you can roll to act now and risk a much worse move on a miss.

    That is the mechanical answer, but the fiction is more important. That’s what you follow, so stun damage might manifest differently depending on the situation.

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