Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone,

I have a hypothetical question for everyone. I was thinking about the way DW handles moves and combat in particular. I was thinking the fiction first and last would work well for the storyteller games. Then I got to thinking about how to deal with some of the powers. In particular Vampire the Masquerade and the Celerity power.

For those of you who don’t know the power gives you multiple actions in a single turn.

Since DW doesn’t have traditional turns how would you convert that. Just allow the players to narrate alot of actions? Remove the power complete?

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  1. You’re fast as a motherfucker. Your enemies struggle to engage as you rip out their still beating hearts. Maybe when you boil your blood roll + CON on a 10+ hold three on a 7-9 hold one. Spend hold to deal your damage.

  2. I played a game with a Mage with the “time” focus, and one of his favorite tricks was to speed up a party member to ridiculous speeds. The GM would just let anyone so enchanted dance circles around the enemy and deal damage for free.

  3. joshua crocker, Tim Franzke brought me in as I created an add-on to Andrew Medeiros’s Urban Shadows game that was 5 of the WoD books including Vampire the Masquerade.

    What I did was scrap any thoughts of the basic mechanics given as AW/DW have no mechanics and instead focused on the intent and fiction.

    ○ Celerity: Not all vampires are slow, meticulous creatures. When needed, some vampires can move fast — really fast. 

    ○ Like Lightning: When you need to travel a long distance in an impossibly short amount of time or complete a task in record time, take a chance but roll+Blood. On a hit, you make it there in time or finish your task, but are winded take -1 ongoing until you get a chance to rest.

    ○ Rapid Response: You use Celerity to move with amazing swiftness in times of stress. When you unleash on any hit, take an additional option.  In addition, take +1 to retreat.

    ○ Faster Than Thought: (requires Rapid Response or Like Lightning) The embrace gifted you with startling speed and reflexes. You gain +1 Blood (max +3).  If you are already at +3 Blood you may stretch to +4 Blood max at the cost of erasing your Mortality Rapport permanently. 

    Here Celerity is the Displine, but the moves taken are the sub items.

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