Hangout game!

Hangout game!

Hangout game! And guess what: first the wizard failed her roll to cast invisibility on the thief, making him permanently invisibile; then the cleric failed to cast cure light wounds on him, making the thief also incorporeal. He exploited this status in wonderful ways for a session and a half, then the wizard, after having gathered the right ingredients, ritualized a cure. Now the thief is totally eligible for some compendium class! We’re thinking more of a ghostly/spiritic path than a classic phantom ninja’s one. Is there anything out there we can build on? Someone with good ideas to share with us?

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  1. This is more about being a disembodied spirit or a ghost, but feel free to plunder it for ideas. It’s from a full supplement I’m working on where you get to go to afterlives ad have adventures about dead things and the spirit realm.

    The Ethereal

    When you have lost or abandoned your physical body, the next time you level up you may take the following move instead of a move from your class:


    You do not have a physical body. You can pass through physical matter, including people, but you cannot pick up physical objects.

    When you have taken the above move, you may take any of the following moves instead of a move from your class when you level up:

    Nine Tenths

    When you attempt to possess the sleeping or unconscious body of someone or something, roll+Wis. *On a 10+, You gain total control of the body. *On a 7-9, you have to regularly struggle with your host’s consciousness to maintain control.


    When you attempt to move an object with your strong emotions, roll+Wis. *On a 10+, choose 1. *On a 7-9, choose 2:

    You make a terrible mess.

    Someone’s put in danger.

    You leave ectoplasmic residue behind.

    You break something.

    What Dreams May Come

    When you touch the minds of those grieving for their departed loved ones, roll+Wis. *On a 10+, choose 1 now, and hold 1 for later. *On a 7-9, choose 1. *On a miss, the GM chooses one. Spend hold, 1 for 1, on the following:

    You drive them into a vengeful fervor.

    You bring them peace and acceptance.

    You destroy their will to live.

  2. The Ethereal Presence

    When you lose your grip on the material world, become ethereal for some time and get back to your original form , the next time you level up you may choose to gain this move:

    Phase Change

    When you try to become one with the air and lose your material body, roll. On a 10+ ok, you did it. On a 7-9 the GM will offer you two options between:

    •  You can be seen when you move

    •  Your presence chills the air, and animals are inconfortable near you

    •  You can come back when you want.

    Normally, when you’re ethereal you can’t physically interact with the world., You can always come back with some rest or after a full day.

    If you have Phase Change, these count as 

    class moves for you; you can choose from them when 

    you level up:


    When you rest you get 1 hold and lose any hold you already had. Spend that hold when you take damage to temporary phase out and in again in the material world (and negate the damage).

    ok, i have to get back to work. i’ll finish later 🙂

    PS: I’m the cleric 🙂

  3. Looks pretty good so far Daniele Frizzi !

    Recommendation for phase change: modify the third option, at the moment it’s choosing between two bad things and one good thing. It’s a pretty easy fix, change it to “you can’t control when you become corporeal again.”

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