Repelent Armor 

This armor made out of pure glass scales, infused on a light leather cuirass is a sight to behold. Forged and enchanted by the Alfar it is only given out to the elite squad of Glass Knights. Each and every glass scale is etched with a mystic rune. 

When something pierces the armor a shockwave of arcane energy repels the attacker and throws them some 5 paces across the room. Everything else around the wearer of this armor get’s hit by the energy too but bracing against it should stop you from getting knocked down. Everyone wearing such armor is immune against the effect of another of it’s kind. 

10 thoughts on “#MagicItemMonday”

  1. Tim Franzke I am digging the armor. If i understand it right.

    Equipment amour 3, weight 1

    Trigger: when wearing the armor and subject to a piercing attack unleash a repellent wave:

    Repellant wave, 0 damage, close, area of effect, forceful.

    Special note: others wearing similar armor are immune to repellant wave.


  2. This thing would also probarbly be a 3 armor scale mail and NOT cumbersome now that i think about it. I should add that, but mechanical descriptions aren’t that interesting ^^

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