I ran my first DW game last night and it was a pretty successful start.

I ran my first DW game last night and it was a pretty successful start.

I ran my first DW game last night and it was a pretty successful start.  I ran each character in a solo intro ending in each of their characters being killed in their various starting locations.  I had already informed the players that the opening was a transition for the story to unfold and would result in their untimely death.  Each of the players came up with their own starting locations and lifestyles that will make each of them very unique once brought together.

The thief was the first to fall in a filthy back alley of a dark metropolis (like a medieval Gotham) during a one on one duel.  The Barbarian was the next to meet her fate in a bloody battle with a rival clan.  She managed to slay 18 enemies before being overtaken in a narrow passage way in the mountains.  The wizard was the toughest to drop, actually we were using the alternate mage class.  She was an initiate going through her final test to gain the honor of receiving the title of Storm Mage.  She rolled really well all night and finally I had to resort to an airstrike from an enemy zeppelin to take her out.

It was an enjoyable opening for each of the players, since they were already aware that they would meet their end they really let loose a lot of fun and action filled moves that kept me on my toes with the mechanics.  I haven’t GM’ed a game for quite a while so it was a great way for me to get back into the swing of it by having one on one action with each player.  The players did some exciting moves and really made combat an exciting dynamic part of the game.  DW really opened the doors for things to be quick paced and lots of fluid movements in those tense moments that most other games slow down to a snails pace.

With the individual intro’s out of the way we had a short introduction to the start of their lives together in the Hall of Adventurers, kind of a Valhalla where fallen adventurers are brought after they die.  The characters quickly bonded over Ale and food.  They talked to a few others in the Hall and then were asked if they wouldn’t mind clearing out a few pests that had been making some racket up in the storage room.  

I threw in a Junk Dragon, which I found in the Codex on the DW site, as a surprise.  Really fun monster idea.  Its horde was piles of old furniture and armor.  I wanted something big and different to start off with.  The party worked together pretty well.  Very fun encounter with the barbarian unable to land  a single hit but provided enough distraction for the mage and thief to avoid getting attacked and finally finishing the beast off with a blast of lightning and a poisoned backstab.  they are now ready to venture out into the unknown world to seek out their first true quest.

All in all it was light-hearted good old fashioned gaming that brought me back to why I love to play RPG’s.  And to top it all off I am usually one that over preps everything, but this time I went very light on the prep other than wanting them all to end up in the Adventurers Hall where they will have many doors open to traveling across various planes in search of adventure.

Thanks to everyone on these forums, I have been silently reading your posts and been very inspired.

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