Hand of Glory

Hand of Glory

Hand of Glory

The alchemically treated hand of a thief hung for their crimes which dangles on a rope of made of a murderers hair confers a benefit to the wearer.

who ever holds the hand will find that thieves and killers target them first more often than not.

The hand grants access to the following move.

Case the place,

When you walk the perimeter of a building while holding the hand of glory. Roll + cha

10+ choose two

7-9 choose one

Know what is the most valuable item in the building

Know all the defense s protecting an item

Find an unguarded way in

Put all living guardians into a light sleep.

2 thoughts on “Hand of Glory”

  1. Good question Tim Franzke my original thought was the hand animates and draws a map in thieves cant. However, it could just as easily be voice that whispers in the users mind.

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