A report from our Fourth of July one-shot.

A report from our Fourth of July one-shot.

A report from our Fourth of July one-shot.

Originally shared by Jason Cordova

Some pics from our excellent July 4th DW One-Shot. This one saw the party infiltrating the abandoned temple of the ancient god of atrocities and abominations, Azad-Kan. This session, which took place 100 years in the past of our main DW game, also functioned as an origin story for one of that game’s antagonists, the dread sorcerer Gormakir the Cruel. 

There were lots of thrilling moments, including our elf wizard facing down a massive abomination made from hundreds of corpses (a la Gandalf and the balrog); our fighter having his hand chewed-off by a ghoul child; and a hopeless, Charge of the Light Brigade-style attack on a horde of orcs.

Speaking of orcs, my one-eyes did this cool thing where they use naked, chained-up orc gimps to function as voodoo doll-like proxies who they can slice and stab to cause injury to the heroes. It was horrific, especially when they started chopping off one of the gimp’s arms!

All in all, a lot of fun. Thanks to Maximilian Garza , Kerry Harrison , Alexander Hay , Ferrell Riley and Ian Hay (who I can’t + for some reason). 

4 thoughts on “A report from our Fourth of July one-shot.”

  1. Is that a plastic sheet over grid paper?

    The campaign sounds like lots of fun! Since it was a prequel to your main game, was there more prep that you had to do?

  2. Adrian Thoen No, it is a Paizo Flipmat (they’re excellent, btw, since you can use wet or dry erase on them). As for planning, there was very little. I pretty much draw a map and come up with an overall idea, but otherwise just react to what the characters are doing.

    This was just a one-shot, and only half the group was from our main campaign, so the origin story for Gormakir was just an easter egg for them.

  3. Jason Cordova  That sounds awesome, thanks for the insight! I’ll check out that Paizo Flipmat!

    Easter eggs and tangent stories are an untappedmine of gaming potential, something i’ll cosider for my own games!

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