13 thoughts on “Is anyone interested in a spontaneous DW hangout tonight 20:30 Europe time?”

  1. I am gmt 6 as well, bout 2pm here stuck at work thou I would love to. Tim Franzke and I have vastly different approaches which provokes a lot of thou on my part at least

  2. Reach player with longer reach (rule of thumb)

    – the monster has a shield or a good way to block the first few attacks, hackslash and on a 7-9 the monster advances to its reach

    When the character has total superior fighting skills against the monster than its just deal damage

    When you use your reach weapon to keep the monster away from you without really attacking it you can do it in most times or otherwise it’s some kind of defy danger.

    When the monster has reach on the player the need to defy the danger to get close to it. A normal kobolds with a spear is just hackslash though.

    Does that make sense? It’s more of a guideline then a concrete rule.

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