Thank you to everyone that participated in #DruidWeek

Thank you to everyone that participated in #DruidWeek

Thank you to everyone that participated in #DruidWeek . I can’t really name specific people because i would forget half of you and that wouldn’t be fair. Thanks to anyone that started discussions or joined in. Thanks to anyone that created content, posted stories or spread the word. Thanks to anyone that read and gave +1s. 

Thanks to anyone who voted Druid during the kickstarter. 

I feel like Druid Week was an improvement over Fighter Week and we started really strong. There was so much discussion going on on monday. It’s a bad sad we couldn’t keep this level of engagement up over the whole week. I tried by starting discussions about the other Druid moves but that didn’t really work out. It might say a thing or 2 about the Shapeshift move that a lot of questions were posted on that and not so much the other moves.

I was really inspired by Druid Week. 4 of the CC i posted where directly inspired by the occasion, only the Druid of one form was planned beforehand. 

I think we need at least a 2 week breather before the next class week; if people still feel like it’s a thing you want to do. We had a fighty and a magicy class now; i think the next one should be Thief.

I am very open for any suggestions on how to improve the “event”, how to keep participation higher, what to aim for etc. 

Thanks again community. 

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