Magic item Monday

Magic item Monday

Magic item Monday

Leviathan meat.

Arguably largest creature in dungeon world , and cerainly one of the most powerful, it is said the Leviathan cannot be killed by mortal man but it is possible to cut off some of its flesh. Eating the meat of Leviathan has three effects.

The meat wants to be part of a strong body…

When discerning reality you may add “what here can make me stronger to the list of questions you may ask.

enemy of my enemy …

When at deaths door on a miss death rewards you for injuries inflicted to the Leviathan and let’s you go just this once.

Taking a beating and come out whole…

When you defy danger by enduring physical harm (using con) you ignore all tags on the danger

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  1. Tim Franzke basically the flesh infuses the characters body and let’s him behave in some ways like the Leviathan, death can’t kill the Leviathan yet so he rewards those who are able to hurt it before they pass on, in hours they may be successful in killing. It.

  2. Tim Franzke the trigger is defy danger (con)

    On any result (10+, 7-9, or miss) the character is not affected by any tags on the danger such as messy, forceful, pirceing etc.

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