7 thoughts on “#DruidWeek  Land Discussion numero 7”

  1. I think it could be a way for a player to introduce some post-apocalyptic element to the world. Inspiration from Gamma World but also Dark Sun and Adventure Time would be fine by me.

  2. Eberron’s Mournland could also work. Perhaps something like:

    Carcass Crab

    – Crush something between your big meaty claws

    – Blend into the battlefield

    – Adhere something to your shell

    Also, what if this lets you play mutated creatures? For example:


    – Bite and tear

    – Summon the pack

    – Take to the skies (you know, because of the dragonfly wings)

  3. In 3.5 there is a Prestige Class that allowed you to cast Druid Spells by destroying the landscape around you, kinda like defiling in Dark Sun. You could use this idea and make an “anti druid”. Turning into twisted animal parodies and sucking the live out of the land. 

  4. It could be pretty fun to have a druid from the mutated wasteland. You could let the player imagine all sorts of abominations, with one limitation: his animals could never look or feel normal.

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