When you shapeshift, you may create a merged form of up to three different  shapes. You may be a bear with the wings of an eagle and the head of a ram, for example. Each feature will grant you a different move to make. Your chimera 

form follows the same rules as shapeshifter otherwise.

Does anyone have experience with this move? Would you just allow players to basically pick and choose their moves? 

When he says, i want feature X, Y and Z does he get the moves directly accociated with this or moves that reflect the abilities of the new form? 

The pick and choose option for the example in the move would probably be: 

Fly high in the sky (Eagle)

Knock them over with horns (Ram)

some bear thing 

You could however go with 

Dive from the sky, horns first (eagle+ram)

Carry a rider into the air (eagle+bear)

Collapse large things (mixture of bear strength and ram horns) 

the second option would be harder to come up with on the fly so GM and player might want to work on some combined froms beforehand. It get’s really interesting when you combine this with Thing/World Talker. 

Then you can be a ram with assassin vine tentacles made out of fire!  

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