8 thoughts on “So, this Dungeon World monster maker is a thing.”

  1. James Bennett It would be fun to submit images for the various creatures there. I’m sure there are copyright concerns/considerations, but I would love to submit sketches from time to time for some of the creatures there… would be cool if that were a feature. Any plans in that direction by chance?

  2. Oh, haha – had your name on the creature (to the right with the license info) and I was thinking I had seen it before (as part of the Codex in general) so I assumed you had set it up – my bad 😉

  3. Mike Weem there’s no technical reason why we couldn’t easily add images, but I’m worried about anything that gives people the ability to share images. Because you know what people will share.

    I might consider some kind of reputation thing, where certain people can include images. I think the vast majority of people won’t be a problem.

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