9 thoughts on “#DruidWeek Land Discussion 5”

  1. Tells:

    + Skin covered in patches of coral, including anemones poking out and reacting to the druids mood

    + Webbed hands/feet

    + A serrated grin of shark teeth and the deep black lifeless eyes of a shark

  2. Animals:

    Sharks, Whales, Fish of all different kinds.

    Sting Rays I feel would be really cool.


    Certain kinds of Fish could be interesting. 

    Lionfish for example.

    Sea-Serpents, Fantasy creatures, A Kraken xD

  3. The Tell i did for the Druidic Ritualist artwork (hint hint nudge nudge nod nod Tim Franzke) has coral “bracers”, I guess you’d call them, growing out from his forearms.

  4. So I’m thinking over sea creature moves:

    Shark –

    – Rip at with teeth

    – smell by blood

    – move through water like air

    The last is more the idea that sea creatures would move faster in the water than normal people just swimming

    Lionfish / Sting Ray

    – paralysing touch

    – intimidating visage

    Sea Serpent

    – constrict under water

    – bite and rend

    – sea magics?


    – pull under water

    – ink spray

    – hold off multiple enemies

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