11 thoughts on “#DruidWeek  Land Discussion 4”

  1. The Saphire Islands always sound so cool to me. What are they? Tropical Islands? There is a Saphire Isle in Westeros too! 

    But first and foremost this is what i picture when i think of the Saphire Islands





    Fly high in the sky 

    Choke around your neck

    See hidden things from above

    Indestructible Crabs


    Protect with indestructible shell

    Hide in shallow water 

    Grab many things at once with tentacles

  2. The depths of the earth fish, albino alligator, giant cave lizards, fungal beast, slimes and oozes,

    Custom move

    Run along any surface

    Strike from darkness and blend back into the black

    Explode in paralytic spore cloud

    Tells. – albino, lizard like hands, white hair black skin, voice like thunder, cast shadow of a fungal beast, beard/hair of slimes.

  3. I was thinking the same thing Thomas Roberts 

    DarkElf Hunting Lizard

    – Run along the surface

    – Hide in darkness without moving

    – Attack with paralyzing tongue-spores 

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