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  1. The druid has not used this move yet. But I keep thinking along the lines of sure the earth and rock does this for you here, but that makes wind angry as you are appealing to earth and your favorite place x will suffer a drought, storms etc.

  2. One idea I had:

    Nature claims your body in the end. You die, your body becomes one with nature, etc. So, “Nature’s Price” could be an indication of this process, visually (and sped up). Put another way, Nature’s Price could mean losing a little bit of yourself to nature each time… in one character’s case, it could be that patches of skin transform into some sort of bark each time he/she “pays” the price. For another character the transformation may be working towards an animal, so their skin begins to grow fur, or feathers… fingers slowly become more talon or claw-like over time – another character could start sprouting leaves, etc.

    It could go this way for a while and perhaps become a plot point in the campaign… EX: the Druid could discover that a visit to the “Tree of Life” along with a “Deep Commitment Made” there can halt/remove/reverse the effect.

  3. Eric Duncan

     I like this idea. If you wanted to expand on it you could have the opposing element be angry at the druid all day. You used Fire? Air doesn’t like you today, your bird forms can get no lift. You used the Earth? Water doesn’t liek you today, you have an unquenchable thirst.

    Maybe go so far as to give the elements attitudes, Air is flighty, Fire has a short memory, Earth holds a grudge the longest, Water is strange and alien.

  4. Eric Duncan   Yeah, I had the same thought, that the elements are at war with each other and want your assistance to either help their side or hurt the other sides. 

  5. I think you would have to pay the element you are using. When you boss earth spirits around they are angry at you, not the air spirits. Air elementals laugh at that.

    I could also see taboos working. Like, “don’t treat on stone with anything but your bare feet” “Never go a week without submerging yourself in water” etc. Given time this could lead to a lot of eccentric behaviour from the Druid.

  6. But it’s not element’s price it’s natures price. I also do not assume it is you bossing them around in my mind a lot of the time you are letting them more fully express themselves in that realm.

    Now i don’t want to limit myself in the other direction either. Hence, the water wants you to destroy a dam. I just want my filed of options to be wide.

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