Elemental Mastery

When you call on the primal spirits of fire, water, earth or air to perform a task for you roll+Wis. On a 10+ choose two. On a 7-9 choose one. On a miss, some catastrophe occurs as a result of your calling.

•  The effect you desire comes to pass

•  You avoid paying Nature’s price

•  You retain control

Lots of talk about shapeshifting but here’s another one of the Druid’s great moves. I like this because I like a more “casty” druid.

What are some ways you or your players have used Elemental Mastery?

Here are some of mine:

Cause a cave in

Turn a torch into a swarm of flying fire motes

Summon lightning

Fend off pirates with giant water fists

Summon a vortex to cushion a fall

Make a face appear in the sand

Make a campfire attack during an ambush

Make plate armor become magnetic, sticking to itself

Make small whirlwinds around characters, preventing arrow fire

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  1. Well there is also Stras Acimovic actual casty druid spell list from taking the ranger move 🙂 But yes, this is an excellent ability for druids as it gives them a lot of latitude.


    Have the wind keep our scent away from X

  2. Updated Druid removed you are unharmed and replaced it with you avoid paying nature’s price.

    I have used it to demolish a wall around a town, call in a tornado, and used it to dig a tunnel for the party to escape.

  3. Thomas Roberts

     Yeah during this week I’ve noticed several instances where peopel are quoting things off different sheets or some of the moves have different names.

    Can someone in the know post an-up-to-date sheet? Mine is from a pdf with all the characters and pages with fronts and basic moves, etc.

  4. I used this move to turn stone into a projection of lava against my druid’s foes. Or to transform a low passageway into a maze of stalactites and stalgmites while ther was an angry owlbear charging at us. Kasper Brohus or Eric Nieudan might recall other uses.

  5. Eric Lochstampfor you seem to be using the pre release version rather than the official release. I don’t have a PDF link to the official version, but I believe you can buy it from the dw site

  6. Bastien Wauthoz There was also a giant stone fist attacking cultists and us indifferently. I remember a lot of losing control with your elemental mastery 😉

  7. In the above stone fist example, Kasper Brohus ruled that Nature’s price was a particular gem that the earth spirit wanted as payment. The druid wouldn’t be able to call on them anymore until he found it.

  8. One thing I have used for nature’s price is planting assassin vines in a town garden. Another is to hunt a predator that had become gluttonous, such as a wolf pack that is over eating the local deer population. Another price could be destruction of a damn or creation of a new lake.

  9. I had a druid use the spirits of the air to carry another player character along the road with them to a city at walking pace. He chose to not retain control though so I just had him keep on floating on while everyone stopped to rest. They had to tie him to a tree every night

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