6 thoughts on “It’s Bryck Seabeard – Dwarf champion of the Salted, cleric of Taloq, the Undergod!”

  1. Stefan Grambart I already said it on the forums, but I must say it again: that’s freaking sweet! Did you use Photoshop? Are those custom brushes you have for the  textures on the skin and vest?

  2. Thanks Misha!

    This piece was done in Sharpie on paper, scanned, and coloured in Photoshop. It was a quick sketch – normally I would work in pencil or pen, and then either ink and colour or paint in a variety of tools including PS, Manga Studio (for inking), and Sketchbook Pro (sometimes).

    I use some custom brushes, but usually (as I did here) I just layer on textures I dig up in Google images.

  3. Awesome stuff. I haven’t experimented much with layering on textures from images… I’ve gotta try that out.

    By the way, out of curiosity, are you an animator?

  4. Misha > I worked in TV/film/game animation for a number of years in the mid/late 90s. Now I work almost exclusively in interactive design… but a lot of my projects involve animation or illustration.

    Blob > Aw schucks!

    Patrick > Yup! Always getting himself in over his head…

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