8 thoughts on “Let’s tell a story about a pudding…”

  1. Wow. I’m not normally a fan of actual play reports, but that was intense!

    As a fan of slimes and oozes, having experienced their terror first-hand in other games (See: my Gelatinous Cube avatar,) I appreciate it when they are terrifying to behold.

    Book-marked and saved. This creature is going to ooze its way into one of my games!

  2. Stefan Grambart Don’t get your hopes too high. I have a friend who prefers those other games, and I shared this with him he said “TLDR.”

    Still one of my favorite reads though!

  3. I would say that you will never be able to get the Shadowrun player who spends 17 hours customizing his drones to play a game like this, but… well… I am/was that player. And hell, I love this game! (though, I still love customizing Drones, too… it is my dark and secret passion 🙂 )

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