Hi guys!

Hi guys!

Hi guys! I know there was some discussion here about last breath, and the fact that you don’t always get to roll it: specifically, you roll it when you’re dying, not when you’re totally fucked up. You know, instantly decapitated, tossed in a river of lava, and so on. Can someone help me fetch it, or give me confirmation about this?

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  1. I remember Sage LaTorra (I think) said that he has them make the Last Breath roll before the death is narrated. Which is brilliant if you want to actually allow them the roll. (And, you know, not be a dick.)

  2. Actually, I think I was the one who said the thing in the OP, not the brilliant thing.

    It’s all in the trigger: when you’re dying. Not dead, but dying. If you never really get into a dying state (head cut off, for example), I think the move doesn’t trigger.

    Of course some of that depends on how you judge he fiction, and what Death is in your game.

  3. I tend to read it as dying as in “death is imminent, but not guaranteed.” That’s not the only way to read it. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

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