Quick question about Bonds:

Quick question about Bonds:

Quick question about Bonds:

How many can a character take? Is there a limit, other than reason?

I remember seeing a post on here that someone said that you can only have as many bonds as there are bonds listed on the playbook. Is that the case? If so, anyone know where that’s detailed?


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  1. As many as you have on your sheet (unless you get a move for extra bonds). The ammount of bonds you have is one of the advantages/disadvantages of each class.

  2. Ok cool – I didn’t see it in the rules anywhere, so I wasn’t sure. Honestly it doesn’t matter much – for some reason I’m having a hard time getting my players to use all the bonds on their sheet as it is. It seems like they’re only taking the more antagonistic bonds. I’m hoping to rectify that – I really wish the Wizard would take the one about another character playing an important role in things to come.

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