7 thoughts on “For a Ravnica game:”

  1. Honestly I’d be tempted to just make each Guild a compendium class. (I know it’s what I was considering for Factions when I was thinking about a proper Planescape hack.) Give them three or four moves each that you can take as class moves if you’re a member of the guild. Add a few moves that can be taken by any guilder in general to, say, call upon your guild contacts or arrange for favors within the guild’s power, and you’re pretty much golden.

  2. I like Ben Wray’s system, if only because (a) more options, and more importantly (b) Ravnica still has races. My Boros Recruit wants goblin racial moves in addition to Boros moves!

    But I like the idea of a Ravnica-themed Dungeon World campaign a lot. In fact, while it won’t be Ravnica, I’m probably going to set my next campaign in a fantasy ecumenopolis just because!

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