This week on Dungeon Planet…

This week on Dungeon Planet…

This week on Dungeon Planet…

Seven moons encircle the great dead world, Algol.  On one such moon, Suspiria, does our saga begin.

Garth, a technician, dedicated to turning himself into a machine, reactivates the aeons-old robot soldier Olympia and together with Sharath, an exiled soldier of the Imperial Guard, they travel the Malachite Wastes in search of lost technology and adventure.

 They rescue the Princess of the White Fortress from a platoon of Saurian marauders and become entangled in a conflict that may decide the fate of all life on Suspiria.

My players loved it.  I was a bit suprised no-one went for the Earthling (we ended up with an Android Tecnician, an Engine of Destruction and an Alien Fighter), and wondered how play would progress without the big staple of planetary romance. 

No problems at all.  Everyone was soon swept up in the weird-pulp culture that developed.    We even got to finish on an old school cliff-hanger, with a reptiloid army about to attack the White Fortress, the Alien Fighter poisoned by a scheming traitor and the Engine and Tecnnician locked in an old laboratory that began to fill with caustic gas (also by very busy scheming traitor).

Thanks Johnstone Metzger , two thumbs up.  Would play again.

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  1. The player went with the standard sword, but it was carved from the fragile bone of a predator species from the old days of pre-empire.  Its so delicate that only the most puissant can use it without destroying it completely.  

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