12 thoughts on “I just want to double check, in case I missed it at some point:”

  1. There is a Barbarian class being included in the DW Brazillian edition of the game. Not sure if that makes it “official”. Do a search for “Barbarian” in the group and the post I am referencing should be near the top if you are interested.

  2. Sheesh, ye of little faith.  Sage LaTorra , will you please confirm for these good folks that the Barbarian is indeed released an official (whatever that means)?

    Maybe my initial post was unclear.  I meant, ‘Nope, you are not right.’  In other words, there has been an official release.

  3. The DW Barbarian is not considered “playtest” if that’s what you’re asking. The version currently out there is 100% complete, and includes the fix Richard Robertson mentioned. That said, last week Adam and I noticed there was some blank space on the sheet we wanted to fill, so we have a few more Barbarian moves we’ll add soon (today, hopefully). They’re all written, I just have to drop them into layout.

  4. It was just that in the last announcement I saw, the version was said to be… i’m not sure if it was “playtest” but it was “non-final.”  So I was wondering if the final version was out yet.  That was all.

    On this subject, I guess… is there a DW news feed on the website?  At the moment, the only announcements regarding the game I’d definitely get are kickstarter updates.  Maybe I should be following somewhere else as well?

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